Taste of Times Square 2016

+50 restaurants were at the Taste of Time Square event

Taste Of Times Square – New York City | Video Credit: The Timelapse Group

Over 50 restaurants were at the Taste of Time Square event. An estimate of over 20,000 food lovers converged onto Times Square for this annual music and food festival. The event was free and open to the public. Visitors and New Yorkers sampled “tastings” of signature dishes from some of Times Square’s top restaurants.

Tickets were $1 each and redeemable for “tastes” and beverages. They only sell in packets of 5 and 10 tickets at the booths, so no single tickets were allowed. Dishes and beverages ranged from 1 to 6 tickets.

We came to the event with a $40 budget in mind, however after the ATM at the currency place took $4.00, we were down to $36. We bought 35 tickets in total and this is how we spent it all:

Cost: 1 Ticket for Water (3 used)
Cost: 2 Tickets for Guacamole and Chips
Cost: 3 Beef Slider w/Bacon (1 used) *We got away with giving 1 ticket somehow
Cost: 3 Tickets for Salmon Slider
Cost: 3 Tickets – for Tortellini Pasta
Cost: 3 Tickets for Penne Pasta
Cost: 3 Tickets – Pull Pork Slider
Cost: 5 Tickets for Lamb Shawarma
Cost: 6 Tickets for 1 Beer (12 used)

The portions they served were definitely good enough to fill you up after 2-3 tastings. Our personal favorite and of course the one that cost the most tickets, hands done, was Ilili Box with the Lamb Shawarma, cooked for 8 hours. You can find them right on 8 th Avenue at City Kitchen, next to the Row NYC Hotel.

Taste of Times Sq Event

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