Please Don’t Tell a speakeasy inside Crif Dogs Restaurant

Crif Dogs Speakeasy

Please Don’t Tell a speakeasy inside Crif Dogs Restaurant on St. Marks Place

To get to PDT, walk down the four steps into Crif Dogs. Along the dive’s left wall, you’ll find a wooden phone booth from the 1940s. Enter the camera-installed booth, pick up the phone and press the button.

While drinking at the bar, patrons can order food from Crif’s kitchen. Surprisingly the pairing is rather tasty and you’ll feel like a V.I.P. in a secret bar, getting food to your order passed through a secret wall.

The inside is rustic and modern and funky with the wood ceiling, brick walls, and stuffed, dead animals on the wall. There are no windows so it’s pretty dark and dimly lit inside. Is it worth the hype to come here? Sure. It’s fun! Worth the price and worth the wait!

Before you leave, be sure to check out the bathrooms, which feature glass-shard mosaics from artist Jim Powers and signs declaring, “No Opium Smoking” and “No Cocaine Peddling”.

PDT accepts phone reservation starting at 3pm.The number for reservations is 212.614.0386.


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