Virgola NYC

The Hidden Gem of The West Village

Virgola NYC,a six-foot-wide Italian wine bar, located inside a restored 1800’s alley in the heart of West Village, that kind of bar you selfishly just want to keep it hidden.
Discovered and restored by Joseph Marazzo who began to excavate the space, he discovered a beauty not seen for some time. The soul of Virgola revealed, Joseph designed elements that evoke the outdoor essence of an alleyway, while bringing them indoors. A gateway just inside the entrance bridges the two. Locks adorn the gate, the lighting fixtures and table legs bringing the European tradition of locking padlocks on a bridge to a unique indoor space.


But, let’s get to the point, what about the food and drink? Virgola is an oystersand Italian wine bar. A perfect place if you like the famous Italian “aperitivo”.

Fresh oysters are the essence of Virgola’s menu. Clean and pure, without pretense, Virgola’s oyster selection changes with the tide, offering the best of East Coast oysters, the menu items also include preparations of tuna tartare and ceviche. A second course showcases Italian salumi andformaggi.

The wine list is selective but curated to pair well with Virgola’s menu. Dessert of strawberries macerated in Prosecco or Nutella toast provides a fitting end to a meal of elegant simplicity.

Virgola, a place to pause from the frenetic pace that is uniquely New York and enjoy a little bit of what New York was long ago, in a setting geared towards today’s New Yorker.




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