Vesuvio Bakery, New York City

Vesuvio Bakery on Prince Street in SoHo

Vesuvio Bakery, New York City by Vivienne Gucwa @travelinglens

The Vesuvio Bakery at 160 Prince Street it’s been one of New York City’s iconic storefronts. The bakery opened in 1920 and was owned by Anthony Dapolito, who delivered Vesuvio bread on his bicycle as a child, for many years. The space is currently Birdbath Bakery, which calls itself “one of the the most eco-friendly businesses on earth.” Bread is delivered by bicycle-powered rickshaws and discounts are given to customers who roll up on bikes. To neighborhood outsiders, it still looks like Vesuvio’s and the Birdbath sign is small and stashed at the lower left corner of the left window.

image by Vivienne Gucwa


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