9 Things You didn’t Know About St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City

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Things You didn’t Know About St. Patrick’s Cathedral

– St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue in New York is the largest Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral in the United States.

– The cornerstone of the Cathedral was laid in 1858.

– The Cathedral was named after St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, in response to the increasing numbers of Irish immigrants in the city.

– The church takes up one whole city block. The spires rise 330 feet above street level. It seats 2,400 people.

– The new gallery organ, which was replaced in 1930, has 7,855 pipes.

– The Cathedral has 21 altars and 19 bells, each named after a different saint.

– It has more than 2,800 stained glass panels.

– Eight Archbishops of New York are buried in a crypt under the high altar.

– There are between 18 and 15 masses said every day, and 150 weddings every year.



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