A Taste of New York | A video by Peter Jablonowski

Q&A with Peter Jablonowski

Last week we stumbled upon “A Taste of New York” an amazing video of New York City, on a private Facebook Group for time-lapse photographers. We see a lot of time-lapse videos of NY here on a daily basis, however this latest time-lapse masterpiece by Peter Jablonowski was too jaw dropping not to share. We knew within the first 20 seconds it would eventually be a Vimeo Staff Pick and it was.

We were able to reach out to Peter via Facebook to ask him some questions about New York City and how he went about his process of making this little film montage of New York. He was also kind enough to share some behind the scenes photos of his set-up and locations.

Q&A with Peter Jablonowski

What inspired you to make “A Taste Of New York”?

We’ve always had the plan to try our “A Taste of..“ series on an international level, so we were looking for a country or city to do this experiment. We’ve been in New York two times before, so we already knew the city, which made it easier for us to accomplish this project. And of course we love NYC!

How many burgers did you eat making the video and which was your favorite?

I think we ate 1-2 burgers a day! So in 10 days, each of us ate probably 10-15 burgers. Hard to say which one was the best, but we like the burgers at Shake Shack a lot!!!

Do you prefer Uber or yellow cabs when riding around the city?

We used both! But we prefer Uber, because it’s easy, cheap and faster!

We noticed you did a helicopter ride for some of your shots, is this something all photographers should experience once? Do you have any suggestions on where or how to go about booking one?

The helicopter ride was one of the best things we experienced in NYC. We have never been on an helicopter before and flying in between those amazing skyscrapers is pure adrenaline. If you can afford it (and it is not very expensive), do it! We booked over Wingsair.net and were very happy about the service and price.

When booking your hotel, did you look for great views of NYC or it didn’t matter? What hotel did you stay at if so?

We used Airbnb for accommodation. If you book a hotel you never know what view you get. So we stayed at 3 Airbnb’s with the best views of the City we could find.

If you had to suggest 3 must locations to shoot to any photographers coming to NYC for the first time, what would it be?

– Brooklyn Bridge Park at Janes’s Carousel during sunset. It’s a classic but a must.
– Top of the Rock
– Try to get on Rooftops, no matter where

If you get to know some people, ask them if they have friends with access to rooftops. My favorite rooftop was in Hells Kitchen on a small house. You can see it at 1:59 in the video.



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