Steps to Take If You’re Injured in a Subway Accident in NYC

The Procedure for Personal Injury Claims after Subway Accidents

With the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) reporting that approximately 6 million people ride the subway in NYC every weekday, it’s not surprising that this form of public transportation can come with the risk of catastrophic injury, or worse. As the current population of the city sits at around 8.6 million, the vast majority of working professionals and students in the NYC area are using trains as their primary means of public transportation. Of course, with so many people overloading a system of underground train tracks that aren’t protected by guard rails, accidents are bound to happen. Here are some steps you should take after being injured in a subway accident in NYC:


Calmly Take Note of the Incident Details

Immediately after the incident is always the best time to take a mental note of the details surrounding the event, as that is when your memory will be the freshest. If you have a mobile device or notepad with you, try jotting down a quick account of what happened or create a voice memo. This information will help if you wind up working with personal injury lawyers in NYC later on, which is something we’ll discuss more in the final tip below.

Notify a Uniformed Official

Now that you’ve collected yourself and developed a firm recollection of what happened, it’s time to find the nearest uniform-wearing official and inform them about your injuries and the accident details. This can be an MTA employee, police officer, or any other uniformed official. Be sure to take their name and contact information so that you can call on them later for an expert testimony if needed.

Document Conditions with Pictures

Try to look for any factors that might have contributed to the accident such as wet floors, broken equipment, blocked walkways, or insufficient/non-existent warning signs in hazardous areas. Take as many relevant pictures as you can, as these could be used in your favor in insurance claims and court proceedings.

Speak to Witnesses

Look for people who witnessed your accident and try to talk to them about what they saw. Be sure to take the contact details of anyone who might be in a position to give a thorough account of the incident in court. You may need to reach out to them later for a testimony.

Obtain Medical Care

Now that you’ve taken care of all of the spur-of-the-moment tasks that are most important in the minutes following the accident, remain calm and collected while you wait for medical attention to arrive. Even if you feel as though you could just go on about your day, it’s important to have your injuries addressed and documented by a medical professional on the scene.

Consider the Possibility of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Finally, with all of the steps above out of the way, you should have a pretty good idea of whether you have a worthwhile personal injury case. If you feel as though your accident was caused by the negligence or misconduct of MTA employees or another responsible party, you may be able to obtain compensation to cover your medical bills and pain & suffering. Speak to an experienced firm of personal injury lawyers in NYC as soon as possible to find out if your case has merit.