NYC Pizza | San Matteo Panuozzo

[EN] San Matteo is in two words, authentic pizza. The pizza is baked fresh using quality ingredients. The place is so fresh the bread for the sandwiches is baked to order and they are great. (Olive Oil, Balsamic, …)

San Matteo is small and hasn’t any place to wait for a table, but a reasonable price (the average pizza price is $15) and the food is defiantly worth a wait.

If you’re hanging out with friends near Upper East Side, you should try get a table, but remember, a group not larger than 4 people is just a recommendation.

Margherita and Diavolo pizza are great and worth any dime you spend there, also you should taste the famous panuozzo, a sort of a sandwich that’s constructed like pizza turned inside out. It tastes amazing. Our recomendation is roast pork panuozzo.

So, let’s taste it !


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