New York City Feelings -The Art of Sharing- Exhibit

Our very first offline exhibition in Seville, Spain


It’s been a long ride since we started New York City Feelings 10 years ago, so we wanted to do something special in this 10th anniversary.

New York City Feelings becomes an offline exhibit in Seville (Spain), hand by hand of 12 New York based photographers we introduced the stunning scenery of New York City to the visitors.

New York City like you never seen before, with aerial images, empty places that usually are crowded, snow and cherry blossoms … It’s just 14 images of New York City that fly you back to the city instantly.

We have the best location in Seville, a building from the Ibero-American Exposition in 1929, the former US Consulate in Seville it’s nowaday the headquaters of a beautiful contemporary art foundation named Fundación Valentín de Madariaga y Oya.

List of photographers and their IG profiles:

Paul Seibert
Gina Brake
Paul Brake
Javan Ng
Peter Alessandria
Rommel Tan
Frank Little
Gigi Altarejos
Mickey Blank
Kelly R. Kopp
Noel Calingasan

Here’s some images of the opening on Oct. 3rd captured by Daniel de García | Emotional Photographer



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