Living Your Best Life in New Rochelle

Beach parks where you can walk, bike, skate & kayak


New Rochelle, New York is a great place to live that offers both a fast-paced lifestyle and a wholesome atmosphere for your kids to grow up. Are you intrigued yet?

New Rochelle is situatedjust outside of New York City and is just a 30 minute ride to NYC.

Not only is this city on the water, but there are so many opportunities to shop, dine with the family, or grab some coffee with a friend. Boasting grand parks, New Rochelle includes a few beach parks where you can walk, bike, skate, or kayak through and around the city. If you like to sail, you can easily find boat access to the water as well.

Turning to home life, this city offers quiet and safe neighborhoods for those who want to raise their families in healthy environments. Surrounding the neighborhoods are excellent school districts for kindergarten through 12th grade. After high school, your kids can stay close and apply to the many private colleges New Rochelle has to offer.

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The northeast part of the United States is beautiful and inviting. New Rochelle is the perfect place to live, whether you are wanting to start a family or live on your own. Take a visit to this lovely city and you will fall in love with it instantly.

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