Lincoln Center: the new NYC culture cathedral

The new New York City culture cathedral: Lincoln Center

Home to 12 different arts organizations—including the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet, New York City Opera, New York Philharmonic, Film Society at Lincoln Center and the Juilliard School —the center has a killer summer lineup of events, including Midsummer Night Swing dancing and the Mostly Mozart music festival. Plus, as the major redevelopment project that started in 2006 nears completion, the center boasts a new look, and several cool new additions.

Lincoln Center

A fancy new Italian restaurant is scheduled to open in September under former Per Sechef de cuisine Jonathan Benno. Until just recently, the $20 million eatery will be called —wait for it— Lincoln (NYT review). Simple and appropriate, it seems

Lincoln Center

Sitting on the roof of the newly named, soon-to-be-opened restaurant is a sloping green expanse of lawn—7,203 square feet, to be exact—where visitors can sit and look out over the lovely Paul Milstein Pool and Terrace, adorned with Henry Moore’s sculpture, Reclining Figure. According to the redevelopment plans, the lawn—which opened in May—was designed to serve as a “tranquil, verdant oasis for students, artists, and visitors.” For some cool pictures of the “greening” of Lincoln Center, check out this New York Times slideshow.

September 9-16, Lincoln Center played a new role on the New York City culture scene, hosting Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the first time. The center is taking over from the event’s longtime venue, Bryant Park, and will offer more space for the 70-plus fashion shows and the glamorous hordes that attend them.


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