Let’s move to New York

New York City is full of great food, beautiful sights, and endless things to do.
But it’s also a place of inflated prices, tiny apartments, and a less-than-perfect public transportation system.

Moving here is equal parts amazing and terrifying. So for anyone courageous enough to think about packing up and heading to the Big Apple, we asked our friends and followers about what they wish they’d known before moving to New York, and first you will need affordable moving company like Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC.

So you’re about to move to the greatest city in the world, where you will soon have said world at your fingertips. Everything you’d want in terms of culture, dining, shopping, education, and $12 beer is right here. Plus, you’ll never have to own a car again.

Save money selling your car. People walk. Everywhere. All the time. It’s a good thing. I know virtually nobody who owns a car here.

I don’t say that to scare you, and, remember, we all love the city, to feel like real New Yorkers, and to think of NYC as our home. Come here with as much money as you can save. An ubercheap apartment costs you $1,000 a month. Riding the subway is over $100 a month. This city is a money hole.

A lot of people come to the city with very little cash and feel they have to live in Manhattan. They feel they’re somehow not “real” New Yorkers unless they live on the island. So they plunge themselves into debt, renting absurdly expensive apartments they can’t afford. Do yourself a favor and look to Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn.

Expect New Yorkers to be friendly but in a hurry. We’ll absolutely help you with directions or whatever, but get to the point.


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