Fun Ways to Explore New York City

Top 3 Fun Ways to Explore New York City on Vacation

New York City is one of the largest and most exciting cities on the planet. It is not surprising that it is also one of the most popular destinations for tourists. There are so many things to see and do in this enormous metropolis that it would take you dozens of trips just to scratch the surface. Are you planning on visiting New York City in the near future? If this is the case, you should do some planning in advance. Have a very good idea about where you will be going and what you will be doing. Here are some ideas regarding ways to see different parts of the city.

1. Take a ride around the city in a tour bus.

You have probably seen tour buses driving around if you have ever visited large cities. These buses take tourists on a specific route that takes them to many of the most famous landmarks in that particular city. New York City has several tour bus companies for you to choose from. This can be a fun and easy way for you to explore the city without the need to spend a lot of money. There are a number of advantages to taking a ride on a tour bus. First of all, it is ideal for people who will be in New York City for a limited amount of time. You will be able to see many of the city’s most famous places in a very short period of time. A tour bus is also a great way to beat the heat. You might decide to visit the Big Apple in the middle of the summer. The extreme heat will make it uncomfortable to walk around the city. You will be able to relax in the comfort of the tour bus.

2. Rent a bicycle and ride around the city.

The problem with taking a tour bus is that you will not be stopping at any landmarks or tourist attractions for an extended period of time. You will need to explore New York City by a different method if you truly want to soak in everything it has to offer. One of the most ideal ways to do this is on a bicycle. You should definitely buy a map of the city if you are not familiar with many of the major roads. There are various companies that offer bike rental NYC. Seeing the city on a bike allows you to discover some of the smaller places that all of the tourists miss. You can also take your time at certain places and stay as long as you want.

3. See an aerial view of Manhattan on a helicopter tour.

One of the most interesting and unique ways to see New York City is from the sky. You can find several companies that provide helicopter tours of Manhattan. You will be able to take some remarkable pictures and videos as you fly high above the skyscrapers of New York City. This is perfect for couples who are on their honeymoon. It is important to book your helicopter tour very far in advance. The helicopters can only fit a small number of people. Therefore, you might be out of luck if you do not have a reservation.

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