Escape the ordinary: embrace a Western

Caribbean Cruise this new year



With so many stunning cruise destinations around the world,each having a charm of their own,we feel taking a cruise to one of them is one of the best ways to start the new year.

While cruising takes place for most part of the year,it is towards the beginning when most of the sweet deals are offered. Moreover, cruising provides an opportunity to explore the world in a different way, by combining luxury with the thrill of sailing on the high seas.

The Caribbeans are one of the top places to go cruising in the new year as the turquoise waters and white-sand beaches draw visitors in large numbers. While there are many options available, the Western Caribbean cruise offers some of the best deals on board the best cruise ships.

Just offshore from Galveston,Texas,lies the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Be ready for a rip-roaring coastal adventure to the Western Caribbean with a Royal Caribbean cruise when you board a Galveston cruise.

Galveston, with its beautiful white-sand beaches that stretch for miles along the Gulf of Mexico is the port for many major cruise lines.

Since this is a very popular island destination to visit by cruise passengers, many hotels offer packages where guests get complimentary car parking along with a free shuttle to the cruise port.

Try to reach Galveston on the morning before the cruise and enjoy a breakfast at any of the famous mom-and-pop eateries like the Gumbo Diner for an authentic Texan meal.

Then take a stroll through the historic part of Galveston for shopping, restaurants and visiting the interactive Pirate’s Legends of the Gulf Coast.

Lastly, no visit to Galveston is deemed complete without seeing the Island Historic Pleasure Pier, an amusement centre for the whole family. The park is packed with 16 rides, shoos,food and game venues.

Several great cruise itineraries are available on the most luxurious cruise ships around the 2024 new year which travel throughout the Caribbean Sea.

When you set sail on any of these cruises you can enjoy non-stop entertainment and Broadway musicals, not to forget buffet meals,spa treatment,room service and enjoy stunning views from the deck all day long with plenty of stops on the way.

On your cruise to Western Caribbean you will be surrounded by surreal scenery and feel as if immersed in an era gone by. Whether you choose to hike through ancient Maya ruins in Tulum, Mexico or go zip-lining over the waters of Labadee’s shimmering coastline in Haiti,your cruise to Western Caribbean will be filled with exciting destinations, having their own style and vibe.

The weather in the Caribbean is hot and sunny at most parts of the year,but during the New Year the temperature will be slightly cooler with low humidity for spending a comfortable time outdoors.

If you are a hiking enthusiast,this time of the year is perfect for lacing up your boots and wandering through the lush jungles of Yucatan exploring Mayan ruins that are surprisingly still intact and standing after thousands of years.