D’Espresso, upside-down or just flipped on its side cafe


Nemaworkshop, a New York City design firm, designed the coffee shop interior just flipping on its side.

The “books” are actually tiles printed with sepia-toned photos of bookshelves at a local travel bookstore that ring the room, including the floor, walls and ceiling. And the spherical glass lights jut out horizontally from behind the bar, rather than hanging from the ceiling.

The “floor” is the left-hand wall with a dark hardwood herringbone pattern. The banquette almost looks like a couch that could be resting on that floor.

And, if you look to the left, you’ll see the globe lighting is actually affixed horizontally, looking as if gravity is having its way with the room. The glowing glass panels they’re protruding from look more like ceiling panels.

Location | D’Espresso Midtown East
317 Madison Avenue (42nd Street)

Website | http://www.despresso.com/



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