The Dakota Building, a piece of history

The Dakota Building - New York City

The Dakota Building is one of the most famous in New York City, located in Central Park West and 72 St. John Lennon was living there when was murdered and is still living his widow, Yoko Ono. Also, Tom Cruise lives in the building and Madonna was rejected to be part of it. That’s the way of the Dakota which makes it one of the most exlcusive buildings in all over the world, and pretty expensive.

The building is known by its location near Central Park, and because a film, Rosemary’s Baby, written and directed by Roman Polanski. After filming, people started talking about some misterious things happening there.

According to often repeated stories, the Dakota was so named because at the time it was built, the Upper West Side of Manhattan was sparsely inhabited and considered as remote as the Dakota Territory.


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