The Ultimate New York Playlist

Songs You Should Listen Walking Across New York


The subway has been destroyed by snow the don’t walk/walk signs read both, and an individual is wondering why he or she has to live in New York. Well, a person is advised to put on his or her headphones and listen to a song like remember and “empire state of mind.”

The day before jay-z’s March 2 valedictory lap held at Madison Square Garden recommendation from musician and music were solicited and then filtered them to come up with a fantastic playlist of many New York songs which were written from year 1965 which gets to the city’s grit, romance, the wit, the sky-crapper aspiration. Some of the classic songs an individual must listen while walking across New York are the following;



“Theme-From” New York, New York” Frank Sinatra

In the year 1980 that’s when Hoboken’s most favorite son made the record of Liza original, he later added another song by the name of across the river dreamer’s swagger to kinder and also NYC exceptionalism Ebb’s ode boozy manifesto. One is advised to download Itunes for windows 7 to enjoy more classic New York songs.


“Walk on the wild side,” Lou Reed, 1972

This tired up Warhol superstar creation myths roundup which offered a window which is unmatched on the sexually fearless, the druggy, entertaining world of downtown, sad.


New York State on the mind, Billy Joel, 1996

Also, there are other excellent New York homesick ballads but Ray Charles –the indebted piano bar is genuinely the best reminder ever that losing touch with the city is losing touch with oneself.


The vision of Johanna Bob Dylan, 1996

Dylan’s lament was written on his stone,Warhol-taunting period; Edie Sedgwick romancing usually uses jelly-faced and coughing heat pipes to distill how spooky and phantasmagorical the city can be.


Rockaway Beach, the Ramones, 1997

The sun has risen, and the street is baking and also the Joey is chewing a rhythm out on the bubble gum. Like happy and harmonic like any beach boy surfs classic this song is a three-chord anthem for summertime especially for bored children left with nothing but public pools and fire hydrants.


Our Time, Yeah yeah yeah, 2001

The past year 2001 on September 11 many fists taken to “Won’t Get Fooled Again” or the rising but the real city’s anthem of defiance just came from the mouth spandex-covered O, a beer-drenched. It was an old song that was written in the year 2000, and the people identified with the song after 9/11. It surprised many, but it was a misfit rallying call to whatever an individual wants to be against or what he or she wants to be.



The only living boy in New York Simon and Garfunkel, 1970

In 12 million metropolis, at times the movie present in one’s mind is the only one that a person can see clearly. However, no matter which the plot the melancholy classic usually fits an individual’s soundtrack, keeping away from that urban phenomenon of romantic isolation.


Native New Yorker, Odyssey

Those who did not come to New York from any of these places; London, Ohio, Michigan Kingston or Moscow, those who were born and also raised in the five locations are always different species. Therefore whether down on Broadway or up in Harlem individuals knows the score; however tough it is, each New Yorker is still a secret romantic.


New York City Cops, the strokes, 2001

This track was transformed from the American version of year 2001 after 9/11 lacking sensitivity (“New York City cops are not smart”) but was not meant to be an insult than a tribute to street idling hooligan evading authority. Some individuals took the song as a love a song or story. Some say it is a tough place which gets one excited. Casablanca’s share the song with Hammond while on the train back from Hoboken, therefore what was left more for New York than that.



The above are some of the songs an individual living in New York must have to be able to enjoy and avoid boredom while living there. Therefore it is always advisable for resident or individuals planning to visit New York todownload Itunes for windows 7 to get more songs to listen to while walking across the New York