“New York Minute” by Liyana Hanif

Best NYC Video Of The Week – August 9th

Our staff pick of the week goes to Liyana Hanif, who made this nicely edited short film, showing her trip to New York recently. She captured several beautiful shots of New York City’s skyline, including “the brainwashing screens of Times Square” as she describes in her video. Some of Liyana’s great shots came from the Empire State Building looking overhead onto the city, which we loved.

We had a chance to interview Liyana, see what she had to say about New York.

Liyana Hanif

What is your full name?

Liyana Hanif

What do you do professionally for work?

I am a Creative Designer

When was this video taken?

Some time in October 2015

What inspired you to make this video?

It was my first time my brother and I went to New York and walking around the Big Apple felt very surreal. I’ve always seen it in movies and have always wondered what it would be like to see it in real life. Every where we turned, we find ourselves taking out our camera and documenting the unique personalities we see on the subway, or the height of giant skyscrapers and the busy street life that was always on a constant move from day to night (which all by the way is completely opposite to where I grew up, in Brunei). The fact that this city life was so opposite to where I grew up in a small country of Brunei, inspired me to create this video.

What would you recommend to people visiting NYC for the first time? Especially in 3 days?

Empire State Building is definitely worth going, especially on a beautiful day! The view from the 102nd floor is truly breathtaking.

I really enjoyed walking around Hyde Park, even though it’s such a big park, finding a spot next to the lake and just lying on the grass and watch the world go by was very relaxing.

What is your favorite street out of all Manhattan?

My favourite was Broadway street, because it basically runs through the whole of New York City. I was fascinated by the electric lights and giant moving image billboards on the upper east side, and ofcourse the iconic Times Square. Hopefully one day, I will be able to return to New York and catch a musical on my favourite street!



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