“Stations” by Roddy Hyduk

Best NYC Video of the Day – July 9

Subway stations can be a love/hate relationship with New Yorkers. This video by Roddy Hyduk demonstrates the sub-culture and daily happenings in the subways almost everyday. We sometimes often don’t have time to stop and appreciate the intricate details and conversations that go on daily, due to our own busy lives.

When people visit New York for the first time, they fall in love with the performers, the food, the theaters, but the real moments happen in the subway. Those moments when you see subway b-boys doing back flips too close to your personal space, to the peddlers, and irritated businessman yelling at someone, or flocks of tourist blocking the entrance door, is what gives New York locals their thick skin. It makes us angry, laugh, compassionate, and sometimes numb. New York City is a restless place, with aspiring hopes and dreams for new arriving transplants.

When you have finally called New York City your home, it is because you have accepted all the nuisance that comes with the city and one of those is the New York City Subway System.

Video Credit: Snowday on Vimeo


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