Breaking Out in the Big Apple: 6 Reasons Aspiring Actors Flock to New York

Several Drama TV Shows are Filmed in New York

Broadway impressions by E. Zouboulis

Thousands of actors arrive in New York each year seeking to make their acting dreams come true. What is it about theCity That Never Sleeps that draws their gaze? Simple; it’s a great place to launch your acting career. Find out below if the Big Apple is the place for you and your career to grow.



Many actors dream of seeing themselves on Broadway. Broadway alone boasts 40 operating theaters, with hundreds more in surrounding boroughs. For stage actors this means there is an abundance of opportunities to find their calling. Plus, this gives actors a chance to watch theater and learn how the business works inside and out.

Ditch Your Car

It’s no secret that many people who call New York City home don’t own a car, and if they do they rarely use it. Several actors who call the city home walk or use public transit. While this alone may not be a strong enough reason to move to New York, it does make it easy on an up and coming actor to easily make it to auditions, shows, oracting classes.

A More Forgiving Climate

New York experiences all four seasons of the year; sometimes even in the same week. Los Angeles may have nice weather all year, but some can find the heat stifling. You may need to pack your cold weather gear during the winter months, but New York summers are also known to be hot and humid. Climate may not seem like a major factor in furthering your acting career but being happy with the weather where you live certainly won’t hurt.

The Best Place to Find Acting Training

New York is home to several schools of acting and acting training. Actors who have had little or no formal acting training won’t have a problem finding acting classes or an acting coach. No matter where you are in your acting career you can always find the beginning, or a fresh start, in New York City.

Several Drama TV Shows are Filmed in New York

Knowing the kind of acting you want to break into is an important factor to consider when deciding to move to New York. Drama and stage actors may have an easier time finding gigs than sit-com or other specialties. This is why it’s important toknow your acting niche: this way you can find roles that youwant.

New York is Better for Families

Many famous actors have come to call New York home because it’s agreat place to raise a family. For them, many residents of New York don’t make a big deal out of seeing a celebrity on the street since it’s not an unusual sight. Children of some actors may not realize how famous they actually are. No matter what your family situation, as an actor, New York can help you realize your goals and offers a suitable home to grow up in.

Image Broadway impressions by E. Zouboulis



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