4 New York Scavenger Hunts Your Children Will Love

New York with children is always a good a idea

If you’re running out of adventures and activity ideas for your children to undertake in New York City – a scavenger hunt could well be the answer. All children love hunting and coming up with answers to problems. So, giving them a chance to have fun while learning at the same time are just some of the benefits an exciting scavenger hunt will provide. There are many hunts available to undertake in New York City, but which ones are the best?


The Grand Central Scramble

Do you want your children tolearn a bit of history whilst having the time of their lives? The Grand Central Scramble could offer them that exact experience. From thinking outside the box to counting critters trying to board a ship, this scavenger hunt has plenty of highlights to keep your children on the ball for a full 90 minutes. This hunt takes place within the Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan – so you can be sure you’ll have the chance to get close to some of its history.

The Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is where this exciting scavenger hunt takes place. For a full 90 minutes, your children will love the quizzes involved and the tour around the great museum itself. This isn’t one of those scavenger hunts that consists of finding objects – it’s a learning experience for children to better their knowledge of the crazies that reside within the museum. Searching for snakes in Africa and getting to know cavemen one on one are just some of the many activities included in the hunt.

The Art Attack

New York scavenger hunts don’t get much better than the one “The Art Attack” provides. This hunt is specifically made for children and adults to work together to come up with the answers to fun quizzes. If the quizzes aren’t enough to give your family a buzz, the travelling through time of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will. The “Met” is thelargest museum in the United States which makes it even more of a reason to visit.

The Secrets of Central Park

It doesn’t get any more exhilarating than “The Secrets of Central Park” scavenger hunt. Both children and adults will have the time of their lives navigating their way around Central Park trying to score points to have a chance of being the overall winner. It’s a very competitive scavenger hunt so don’t go if you’ve not got your competitive game with you! From finding the famous Stuart Little among the boats in the pond to deciphering a unique code that could be the difference in winning and losing – The Secrets of Central Park scavenger hunt is bound to be a memory you and your children will never forget.

New York City is the place to be when it comes to scavenger hunting. Many hunts take place on a regular basis so there’s no excuse not to go on one – the chances are, you’ll love it more than your children!



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