20 Things You Only Know if You’re a Real New Yorker

Usefull info from native New Yorkers about how they make it everyday

  • You will never find a cab at 5 p.m., because that’s when the taxi shifts change
  • There is no such thing as jaywalking, instead cross the street when traffic allows
  • When heading to the airport, call a cab
  • New Yorkers never go home. It’s straight from home to the gym to the office to happy hour to dinner
  • You’re waiting “on line,” not “in line.”
  • The higher the hotel room, the better
  • Knowing how to drive is overrated
  • the subway is usually quicker than cabs
  • Swiping a subway Metrocard is an art form best practiced at any time other than rush hour
  • Empty subway cars are never a good thing
  • If you’re getting directions, “uptown” means north and “downtown” means south
  • Take the pizza, leave the hot dogs
  • Eating pizza doesn’t require a table
  • Chinatown dumplings are the best brunch food
  • Brooklyn is amazing
  • Queens has amazing food
  • The High Line is always worth it
  • The East River Ferry is a less expensive way to see the city than the tourist cruises. And the Staten Island Ferry is free
  • There is always something going on, the bars don’t close until 4 a.m., the trains are always running, the bodegas are always open, and people are always out.
  • Skip the pricey museums and visit the art galleries in Chelsea instead


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Image: Empire Diner, Chelsea, New York by Franck Bohbot



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