10 New York Foods That Will Change Your Life

Top New 10 foods to try in New York

-321Âș Ice Cream Shop

It’s up to you, New York, New York.

Nueva York is always a good idea. It doesn’t matter the season, this city will melt your eyeballs. We bring you today 10 new foods to try. Different, sometimes bizarre but always worth it. Are you ready?

-321Âș Ice Cream Shop

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, yes! you read it right. Flavors: Matcha, pumpkin or bacon black chocoloate are some of the winners.

288 Grand Street, Brooklyn

Kings of Kobe

If you love Hot Dogs and Burgers, this is your place. The Waffle Dog: a waffle wrapped hot dog with spicy maple syrup.

790 9th Ave, New York

Bagel Boy

If you like unicorns you’ll love their rainbow bagels:  Rainbow bagel with flavored, colored cream cheese

8002 3rd Ave, Brooklyn

Pizza Barn

At 2ft long and over 5 lbs the Super Slice.

70 McLean Avenue, Yonkers

Kellogg’s NYC

Can you imagine only eating breakfast cereals and tarts? Yeah!

1600 Broadway, New York

Buns Bar

Craziest milshakes in New York City

263 West 19th Street, Manhattan

Pommes Frites

Definitely a hole in the wall place in the East Village. Serves only french fries with a wide variety of dipping sauces. A must stop if you love fries!!

128 Macdougal St., New York

Union Fare NY

It’s all about croissants. Red velvet crosissant with cream cheese filling is a must.

7 East 17th Street, New York


Cheeseboat brings Contemporary Georgian cooking to Williamsburg. Must try the khacapuri, a traditional specialty from the Republic of Georgia consisting of a crispy bread-bowl cauldron stocked to the brim with cheese plus a runny fried egg in the middle.

80 Berry St, Brooklyn

Shelsky’s Smoked Fish

Perhaps the best bagels in Brooklyn. Great Selection of Sandwiches and House Made Deli Meats. Try the Spicy Shrimp Sandwich.

141 Court Street, Brooklyn



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