First Summer Day Kicks Off In Times Square With Free Yoga – NYC

Summer Solstice in Times Square – New York City

The first day of summer has finally arrived. This past Monday at the crossroads of the world in Times Square, the Times Square Alliance team celebrated their annual event with its 14th year of “Mind Over Madness Yoga” that took place all day on Monday from 5am to 8:30pm.

Monday marked the longest period of the daylight year.

Our NYCF team managed to get to the event around 10am, and found plenty of walk-in opportunities to grab a yoga mat and participate. We do recommend signing up in advance, as they have two lines for registered guests, and walk-ins. They have yoga mats available for free, that are given out to the public once they check in. Though we saw some yogis bring their own mats.

If you are interested in attending next years event, here is a quote from Times Square Alliance website: “We anticipate returning to a larger capacity for the 15th Annual Solstice in Times Square in 2017. To ensure that you are first to know when registration opens, please click here and provide us with your contact details.”

Here are the list of instructors who participated in this years event, starting with Tim Tompkins, Tracye Warfield, Sarah Bell, Rashmi Galliano, Jennifer Lobo, Elena Brower, Douglass Stewart, and Cyndi Lee.

If you missed some of the Facebook Live Stream posts we did on Monday, here they are again. Enjoy!

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