Where to Eat around West Village

The best places to eat and drink in the west village, new york city

eat and drink west village

Eat it’s a must arund the –boho– West Village. There are tons of things to see, smell, eat, touch and hear in the village.

The West Village is full of great, quirky street art and a few places where you can regularly spot the cool and famous people of New York and the entire world.

The West Village has hundreds, perhaps thousands of great restaurants  offering incredible variety, in both tastes and prices. Whether you are here for a vegan lunch on a terrace or an intimate Italian eatery, there is always something waiting for you and your friends in the West Village.

Here’s a list of venues we recommend:

  • The Spotted Pig (314 West 11th St)
  • Spice Market (403 West 13th St)
  • Bar Pitti (268 6th Ave)
  • Da Silvano (260 6th Ave)
  • The Waverly Inn & Garden (16 Bank St)
  • Smorgas (283 W 12th St)
  • The Little Owl (90 Bedford St)
  • Taim (222 Waverly Pl)
  • Joe’s Pizza (7 Carmine St)
  • En Japanese Brasserie (435 Hudson St)
  • A Salt & Battery (112 Greenwich Ave)


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