“Why We Feel Alone” by Alejandro Hernández

Best NYC Video Of The Week – June, 27th

New York City can evoke many feelings from happiness, excitement, wishfulness, hope and sometimes sadness. This beautiful short film brings to light the feeling of loneliness, and it especially holds true even in a big city like New York.

The short film is cut to a voice over of Alan Watts a British Philosopher, with a very light melodic piano tempo, that is filled with emotions as each image transitions from one to another. Read more about how and why Alejandro made this short film below:

An Interview with Alejandro Hernandez:

Alejandro Hernandez_headshot

What do you do professionally for work?
I’m a director, editor and also a composer.

When was the video taken?
It was shot in March. It only took a day to shoot around Manhattan.

What inspired you to make this video?
I was kind of depressed at the time. While trying to find inspirational speeches, I came across Alan Watts and felt inspired by his words and the way he spoke.

Why the choice to incorporate Alan Watts voice over into your video?
I thought his voice evoked so many feelings. As I was listening to his speech, I imagined all these visuals in my head that I desperately needed to capture, so I came up with a shot list and did the whole thing in one day. I was so inspired that I put 100 percent of my effort into this little video and it certainly paid off. Someone from the Vimeo staff watched my short and they featured it on the Discover page. One week later, it already had 50,000 views. It was very exciting.

What would you recommend to people visiting NYC for the first time?
To not limit themselves to just Manhattan. There’s a lot beautiful and interesting places to see in the outer boroughs.

Where can they find your work?
I’m on Vimeo as “alehernandez,” where you’ll find my most recent work.


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