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  • VIA 57 West on West 57th in Hell’s Kitchen by Noel from nyclovesnyc

    4 Tips for Frugal Living in the Big Apple

    New York City life might be a dream come true, but it can also be substantially pricey. For example, Newsweek writer Janice Williams revealed that Manhattan area real estate hit a new record high midway through 2017, with the average apartment selling for $2.19 million.

  • Fall In Love with NYC

    New York Film Diary

    Lara Kraemer recently had the chance spend a week in New York and she took this opportunity to practice camera work and editing. This is the result. She fell in love with New York City.

  • Bowery, Hidden Gems of NYC by @riyanadelrey

    10 Best West Village Restaurants (New York City)

    Eat it’s a must arund the –boho– West Village. There are tons of things to see, smell, eat, touch and hear in the village. The West Village is full of great, quirky street art and a few places where you can regularly spot the cool and famous people of New York and the entire world.

  • Empire Diner | The New York

    Empire Diner, A full New York City Experience

    Empire Diner in Chelsea is more quintessentially New York than just about any other building. The Empire Diner’s art-moderne exterior has been featured in movies and on TV shows. Located in the heart of West Chelsea the iconic Empire Diner has been a neighborhood and industry staple since 1976.

  • 4 New York Scavenger Hunts Your Children Will Love

    If you’re running out of adventures and activity ideas for your children to undertake in New York City – a scavenger hunt could well be the answer. All children love hunting and coming up with answers to problems. So, giving them a chance to have fun while learning at the same time are just some […]

  • I Am Legend

    New York in Cinema, Supercut by Sergio Rojo

    List of Films: The Apartment (1960) Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) West Side Story (1961) Planet of the Apes (1968) Rosemary’s Baby (1968) The Godfather (1972) Taxi Driver (1976) Saturday Night Fever (1977) Annie Hall (1977) The Warriors (1979) Hair (1979) Manhattan (1979) Fame (1980) Escape from New York (1981) Tootsie (1982) Annie (1982) Once Upon […]

  • A Taste of New York – Video Of The Week

    Last week we stumbled upon “A Taste of New York” an amazing video of New York City, on a private Facebook Group for time-lapse photographers. We see a lot of time-lapse videos of NY here on a daily basis, however this latest time-lapse masterpiece by Peter Jablonowski was too jaw dropping not to share. We […]

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