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  • liberty new york city

    Liberty New York City Timelapse

    “Liberty” Is a visual journey through New York City captured through timelapse and hyperlapse photography. The video consists of about 15,000 still photographs captured by Michael Shainblum.   “it has been my dream to recreate that feeling into a short timelapse film. From the sensory overload of standing on a busy New York street corner. […]

  • The Ultimate New York Playlist

      The subway has been destroyed by snow the don’t walk/walk signs read both, and an individual is wondering why he or she has to live in New York. Well, a person is advised to put on his or her headphones and listen to a song like remember and “empire state of mind.”

  • Steps to Take If You’re Injured in a Subway Accident in NYC

    With the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) reporting that approximately 6 million people ride the subway in NYC every weekday, it’s not surprising that this form of public transportation can come with the risk of catastrophic injury, or worse. As the current population of the city sits at around 8.6 million, the vast […]

  • The Edge | Hudson Yards Observation Deck

    The Edge, the upcoming Hudson Yards observation deck is set to open next year, with incomparable views of the city skyline. Go out of the building and walk 65 feet straight out into the sky on the highest public balcony in New York.

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