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  • The Corner (la esquina) by @DomenicoMarco

    What NYC Locals Don’t Tell You

    New York City is a fascinating place to visit, and even the locals can make a list of things they have yet to see and do. The sights and activities don’t begin and end in Manhattan. The longer you stay in New York, the more you will get to see.

  • New York City Urban Exploration | Andrew Wonder

    Very cool cut of some footage shot by videographer Andrew Wonder from his explorations in New York City. Watch Old City Hall subway station designed by Rafael Guastavino, exploring under Lincoln Tunnel entrance, chatting to homeless living there for more than 28 years.

  • Second Avenue Deli Sliced Pastrami

    Second Avenue Deli, A Kosher Delicatessen in Manhattan

    2nd Ave Deli is a traditional Jewish restaurant that gives that authentic Jewish culinary experience. Overall, superb quality meats. The pastrami is thinly sliced, not too fatty, and is super flavorful on rye with some homemade mustard. They have good matzo ball soup.  Since it’s a Jewish deli, the portions are enormous.  

  • VIA 57 West on West 57th in Hell’s Kitchen by Noel from nyclovesnyc

    4 Tips for Frugal Living in the Big Apple

    New York City life might be a dream come true, but it can also be substantially pricey. For example, Newsweek writer Janice Williams revealed that Manhattan area real estate hit a new record high midway through 2017, with the average apartment selling for $2.19 million.

  • Fall In Love with NYC

    New York Film Diary

    Lara Kraemer recently had the chance spend a week in New York and she took this opportunity to practice camera work and editing. This is the result. She fell in love with New York City.

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